Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. What factors should I consider in hiring a photographer for my wedding?
At times it can be very confusing hiring a photographer for your wedding due to confusing packages and options.  We strive to make our packages and pricing simple and straight forward.  We also try to impress upon potential brides and grooms that the wedding photography business has changed dramatically in the last five years and there are now hundreds of photographers on the web offering their services.  It is  easy today to hire a so called "Saturday Night Shooter"....someone who does wedding photography part-time in conjunction with their other job.  Rest assured, Purcell Photography is a well respected, full time wedding photographer that has been in business since 1999.

Cathy & Dennis                     

Q. How many hours of coverage will we need?
The typical hours of coverage are: 3 hour package for just the wedding, and the 5 hour or more packages for the wedding and reception coverage. It is recommended  starting at least 2 hours before the ceremony. The best photographs usually are taken before, during, and shortly after the ceremony.  The rule of thumb is it is best to cut hours from the end of the day if budget considerations are a concern.

Q. Do you have an assistant-2nd photographer?
YES, this is a must have in order to properly cover a wedding!  Weddings happen very quickly.  Two photographers are able to be in two places at the same time and are able to photograph from two different perspectives.  We are a husband-wife team that has been working together  since we started.  Indeed, a common complaint about wedding photography is that it takes too long!   After the wedding, your family and friends want to celebrate - not sit around waiting for lengthy picture taking.  We avoid this because  the picture taking and posing so that it is done fast and efficiently.  Also, we employ a lot of multiple, off camera lighting that really gives pictures a spectacular three dimensional look.

Q. What kind of pictures do you take?
We always adhere to your wishes in terms of the style of pictures taken. Our overall style could best be described as Contemporary. This is a good combination of true photojournalistic candids, the best of the traditional groups and portraits, and my own in-between style that is more relaxed, fun, and romantic - where I am not posing you to the Nth degree but I am not totally hiding in the bushes, either.

Indeed, another important thing to remember is the opportunity for family photos. weddings are one of life's events where family members from near and far gather. A wedding is a time and place where your friends and family get together in one place, for a happy occasion. How many times will this happen in your lifetime? When was the last time you had a good picture with your mother or father...grandparents....aunts uncles, etc? If you really think about it, wedding photographs are truly a family heir loom because they are not only a part of your personal history, but also a part of your childrenís family history.

Q. Do we get to keep our digital files/negatives? 
Yes, you receive all of your photos on a DVD with complete copyright/ownership.   These are full size files which will allow you to make enlargements up to 20x24.  Thus, you can give copies of all of your photos to family and friends.

Q. How long after the wedding does it take to get our proof album?
We usually have wedding proof albums ready in three weeks. Call us when you return from your honeymoon - your album will most likely be waiting for you.

Q. What type of equipment do you use?
We use Canon professional DSLR cameras with high quality Canon lenses.  We also use multiple wireless flashes and light modifiers for quick on-location studio quality photos.   Notice how our photos are sharp and detailed compared to other photographers.  This is due to our experience in light control.

Q. Do you have backup equipment?
Simply put, YES! We carry on average at least THREE of everything in the unlikely event something fails to work or is damaged during the day.

Q. My uncle likes photography, will you allow him to take pictures at my wedding?
Of course, your uncle is welcome to take pictures.  We do not mind if  guests or relatives shoot over our shoulders. Indeed, some photographers would not allow this at all.

Q. What about pictures at different locations?
Limiting the number of locations is common among wedding photographers. They'd love it if you just had everything in one place, so they don't have to keep packing up. You, on the other hand, may have wanted portraits done not just at the church and reception hall, but also at the park or beach, or maybe where he proposed to you! Charging extra for different locations is common among wedding photographers. We do not charge extra for different locations.

Q. Why hire a wedding photographer? Canít Uncle Bob with his new digital camera  take pictures?
Trust me, producing  quality wedding photos is very difficult.  weddings are fast moving, dynamic events and experience is a must...if you want good photographs.  The photographer has to deal with a multitude of different environments and lighting situations.  Dark churches and reception halls need to have more than an on camera flash.  Likewise, sunny beach locations create harsh shadows without adequate lighting.  Look at our beach photos...they are beautiful.

Your wedding photos are one of the few things that will last for years to come after the wedding. The food will be eaten, the wedding dress hangs in the closet, and the flowers have long since wilted. But the photos can bring back the memories of your special day for a lifetime.

Uncle "Bob" could take your photos, but he probably doesnít photograph weddings very often and is unlikely to have the equipment needed for the special lighting conditions found at the church and reception. Besides, Uncle "Bob" should have fun at your wedding instead of working. Hire Purcell Photography and introduce us to Uncle "Bob" --weíll be happy to meet him.

Q. How much of a deposit is required to hold you for our wedding?
Our standard payment policy consists of three payments.  We require approximately 30% of the total of any package, this confirms the date for you.  A 2nd payment is due prior to the wedding and the 3rd and final payment on the day of the wedding. Of course, paying in advance of the due date is always acceptable.

Q. What is the best way to reserve one of you for my wedding?
Please call us at (231) 392-1105 to check for availability or look on our website calendar. Our policy is this: the first deposit we accept will reserve the date and time. Popular days (like Saturday) go quickly, so promptness is important.

At Purcell Photography we donít take wedding photography lightly. Your wedding is not a just a job, or a bottom line sales figure to us. It's an honor.

We feel this way because you have judged our work as worthy of your investment. It also signifies that you have invited us into your world as an active participant in the single most important day of your life. That is a very high compliment and we never want you to feel that we are doing you a favor simply by showing up. Our business is built on the principals of being fair, honest, friendly, service oriented and enthusiastic.