Matted Wedding Albums
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Library Bound Books

  These American made albums are truly beautiful.
  • Designed to look and feel like a bound library volume.
  • Available in Leather or expensive feeling and looking Durapelle
  • Durapelle reminiscent of fine engraved leather. 
  • Covers, inserts and mats come in a variety of colors .
  • Matching color silk moiré lining and bible gilded page edges add elegance. 
  • pH neutral and acid free to protect your pictures.
  • Click on the image for a close up! 
Corner View of the AlbumsLibrary book bound spine has gilt edged pages in Gold, Black and Silver. 
They are tarnish and nick resistant to give it an elegant and stylish look. 

Each album is custom designed and each page can hold either a single photograph or multiple photographs in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Inserts are the base pages that are already attached to the cover.
Pictures are attached to the mat and the mat is attached to the insert.
Mats come in  Pearlized White w/Silver Trim, Pearlized White w/Gold Trim,  Black w/Black Trim, Black w/Gold Trim and Black w/ Silver Trim.
Both Mats and Inserts are Acid free and pH neutral to protect your picture.










It is a simple matter to put the mats in order, slip photo into mat, and tape. Slip the mats into the pages!